The Only "For-Profit" Community Of Bloggers

Blogging is one of the most powerful ways to impact the world with your knowledge.

The Internet Lifestyle Alliance is a fast-growing community of 'for-profit' bloggers who help each other succeed, thru weekly community webinars and a mutual learning platform.

Each member blogs about their own topic of interest and learn from marketing experts within the community on how to build an audience online, and turn that into a financial result. This community can be joined 'By Invite Only'.

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The Mission

In a world that's filled with fake news and negativity, our collective mission is to create a positive impact in the world through our blogs & content, by leveraging the strength of a community.

The Internet Lifestyle Alliance empowers you with the tools and systems so that you can inspire the world with your knowledge, thru blogging and social media.

Our vision is to grow this into the world's biggest mastermind of 'positively intentioned' bloggers, to make the world a better place.

Featured Bloggers In Our Community

Pre-Requisites To Join This Community

  • You need to have a core topic (niche)
  • You need to be good at your topic (experience)
  • You need to be willing to work 1-hr a day on assignments that we'll be giving you to perfect the art.
  • You need to have a mindset to create positive change in society.
  • You need to be a "no excuses" person. Action taker.
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How We Get Results

Weekly ZOOM Coaching Calls

Every Monday 9pm (Indian Standard Time), we have our FREE weekly ZOOM coaching calls. In this webinar, Siddharth Rajsekar (Sidz) will help facilitate the process on how to effectively blog and build your influence on social media.

Make sure you have a notepad handy before you get into the call, as it will be value packed!

Benefits Of Joining This Community

  • 1. It's FREE To Join Community: Yes! It's absolutely FREE to join this community of passionate bloggers. You will need to be present on Monday nites @ 9pm (Indian Standard Time).
  • 2. FREE Weekly Coaching Webinars: Every week we will invite you to learn about writing, as well as cutting-edge blog promotion & monetisation techniques to help you profit quickly.
  • 3. Virtual Accountability Partners: Blogging can be a lonely journey at times. But here you can engage with other members and be more accountable to your actions.
  • 4. Access To Secret Facebook Group: Once you are in our community, you'll get exclusive access to our Facebook Secret Group to engage with other bloggers in our community.
  • 5. Clutter-Free WHATSAPP Group Access: We will share important announcements and updates through our private Whatsapp Group.
  • 6. Weekly Performance Tracking: By being a part of this community you will get access to a 'weekly performance tracker' to measure your blogging journey success - audience, traffic, leads & sales.
  • 7. Collective Impact On The World: Bloggers in our community are on a mission to help people with their knowledge. By blogging about your expertise, you can become a part of a bigger revolution to create positive change.
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